Portfolio of Saba Nowroozi


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Purpose: Create a journey map to aid in the development of a mobile app for Megaphone Magazine.

Megaphone Magazine provides economic opportunities to low income and homeless residents of Vancouver and Victoria. 

Outcome: Journey Map & Report with actionable design recommendations 

Research Methods:
-In person and remote interviews where users were asked to think out loud as they described their current experience of buying the magazine.
-User survey sent to the magazine email list. 
-affinity diagramming to organize notes and insights.

Due to NDA's, details of this project cannot be shown.

Roles & Contribution:

  • Creating interview scripts 
  • Conducting interviews
  • Synthesizing interviews into journey map
  • Sharing journey map and research insights with client

Made in collaboration with: 

Denim & Steel

Overview of Research Process

1. Scripts & Recruitment - Scripts along with screener questions were created. Potential users were sent the screener questions to evaluate if they were a good fit for our study. 
2. Conducting interviews & focus groups - 6 interviews were conducted with users, both in person and remotely, along with 2 focus groups sessions.
3. Synthesis - Interview notes were then synthesized using affinity diagramming.
4. User Journey - A user journey was then created to capture the interview notes and map feedback to different parts of the current journey to highlight pain points and opportunities for design.
5. Presentations - User journey was presented to the client along with other research highlights to help in the creation of the app.