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IBM Center for Advanced Learning

I’m currently working as a UX designer and researcher at the Center for Advanced Learning at IBM. We work with developers, writers, video editors, and educational instructors to create engaging learning experiences for IBM’s large and global workforce. 

Problem: 300,000+ employees require engaging and scalable learning experiences to help them be part of IBM’s growth and transformation.

How do we create engaging digital learning experiences to help employees during this transformation? 

How we work: We advocate for a user centered design and bring our clients along with us in the journey of creating impactful learning experience. 

All of our projects begin by understanding what the learning objectives and audience needs are. From there, we work with clients to determine how to create a digital experience to help them communicate their message best to their target audience. 

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Many of the  projects that I have worked on at IBM are under NDAs. I’d be happy to discuss them in more detail in person.